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A closer look at HOAs

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2021 | Community Association Law

Homeowner’s associations (HOAs) are a common part of many Maryland neighborhoods. They provide services to keep the community looking manicured and in good condition. HOAs enforce rules, and each homeowner in the neighborhood is considered to be a member while paying dues. They can prevent a homeowner in the neighborhood from bringing down the value of other properties.

HOAs charge monthly or quarterly fees for pool cleaning, security, landscaping, golf course maintenance and trash removal, among other things. Good HOAs can increase your property value by 4.2%, according to Ramsey Solutions. Other HOAs that are poorly run can cost you time and money.

You also have the freedom to contact the HOA if you have complaints against neighbors who are breaking any of the community rules. You can file a complaint to keep other homeowners accountable.

How to avoid fines from your HOA

If you want to avoid fines with your homeowner’s association, it’s important to review their rules and guidelines when maintaining your property. You may need to keep your lawn maintained and prevent weeds or the lawn from becoming overgrown. Many HOAs require request forms to be submitted for approval of any modifications that are made to the exterior of the building.

The homeowner’s association will often give you a timeframe to make the necessary home improvements before you get a fine. Follow their orders to avoid paying fees, and be sure to not make any external changes that can cause you to violate their rules.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you encounter problems while working with your homeowner’s association, you can contact a legal professional who has experience handling similar matters. They can review the details of your case and inform you of your rights.