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Distracted driving is still a big problem

Sometimes, the person who causes an accident that leads to injuries or fatalities is just a poor driver or was unlucky. Other times, the at-fault driver is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The other probable cause is distracted driving.

The Zebra, a car insurance comparison company, conducted a recent survey to determine commonalities between the driving behaviors of 2,000 Americans. The results indicate that distracted driving is still a widespread occurrence.

Key Findings

  1. While just over 37% of those surveyed agreed that mobile devices were the number one distraction for a driver, 28.6% of them admitted that they consistently text and drive.
  2. Aside from smartphone use, the most common distracting behavior that those surveyed admitted to, was eating or drinking (non-alcoholic) while driving.
  3. Nearly 9% of the younger age group, those aged 25-34, said they felt pressure to answer a text they received while behind the wheel.
  4. By an astounding amount, more apple users (58%) felt pressure to return a text while driving than did Google Android users (17.7%).
  5. 25% of all respondents feel pressure to respond to work-related messages while behind the wheel.
  6. Of the respondents who believe that texting and driving is just as dangerous as driving under the influence, nearly 40% of them admitted to drinking and driving.
  7. While this comes as no surprise, parents with young children felt more unfocused (87%) than adults without young children (74%).
  8. As one in three admitted to doing so, photo-taking while driving was more common with females.
  9. Drivers using iPhone's or Apple CarPlay users admitted to text and driving, video-chatting, using social media, streaming movies and TV shows and take photos twice as often as Android users.
  10. 16% of iPhone users stated they never get distracted, compared to 23% of Android users and 38% of drivers using other mobile devices.
  11. 31% of people admitted to being distracted with a pet in the car, but 80% admitted to frequently traveling with their pets.
  12. Texting and driving lead to over 58% of teen driver crashes between 2012-2018.
  13. You are eight times more likely to be involved in an accident when reaching for something while driving.

Is distracted driving or driving under the influence a more significant concern?

While both actions lead to many car crashes, injuries, and fatalities, the numbers below provide a broad outlook.

Drunk driving

  • Fatalities: Roughly 10,000 per year (29 per day)
  • States that have enacted laws against drunk driving: All 50 states
  • Fine: An average of $1,500

Distracted driving 

  • Fatalities: Roughly 3,500 per year (Nearly 1,500 more deaths in 2018 than 2017) and roughly nine per day
  • States that have enacted laws against distracted driving: 47 states
  • 16 states have made it illegal to text while driving
  • Fine: An average of $500

Be safe on the road. If you do fall victim to a drunk or distracted driver and sustain a personal injury, consider seeking assistance from an experienced personal injury attorney.

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