4 Tips on how to handle a car accident when you are injured

According to Maryland Department of Transportation, over 500 people died as a result of a traffic accident in 2016. Many people would agree that losing one person is one too many. Traffic accidents are often preventable when drivers are sober, free of distractions, mindful and courteous of traffic laws and have safe vehicles not at risk of malfunctioning.

Although it would be ideal to have all these conditions present at all times, the truth is many people of all ages have suffered serious injuries and death due to traffic accidents statewide. Across the state of Maryland the following data was reported to the DOT office for 2016:

  • Total crashes:120,120
  • People injured: 50,864
  • Total deaths: 522

What to do immediately after a car accident

If you are involved in a car accident in Maryland, please take into consideration these key tips:

  • Avoid fleeing the scene of an accident— You could face additional legal consequences for this reaction. Instead, stay where you are and if necessary, help others or call for help while you wait for medical and/or police response. If your vehicle is obstructing the flow of oncoming traffic, try to move to a safer area off to the side.
  • Call the police or 911 for help—Call 911 right away to ensure the fastest response for medical attention for those injured. If fire is present or there is a threat of explosion, do your best to seek a safe distance from the area with anyone else involved in the crash.
  • Exchange informationState law requires the exchange of information among those involved in a crash. This includes documenting names, addresses, phone numbers, license plate and insurance information. It may also be worthy to capture photos of the accident, should you need to provide this to court or an insurance company.
  • Secure legal representation if you are seriously injured— After an accident has occurred, there may be details in the police report that are contrary to what actually took place. Arguments between who is at fault and who is responsible for paying compensation for the damages incurred should be handled with a defense lawyer to backup your claim. Without legal support, you may walk away with an unfair settlement and regret over the way things may have been mishandled.

What tips would share with someone involved in a car accident?

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