Condominiums provide a valuable alternative to single-family homes. Many first-time and experienced home-buyers have come to enjoy the community environment, lower costs, relief from yard work, and other benefits of condominium life – but that life can still fall short of idyllic. Beneath the benefits lies a mountain of paperwork, planning meetings, financial concerns, and laws to observe. Life on a condominium board isn’t always comfortable, and condominium association members are just as prone to dissatisfaction as any other home owner.

At Nagle & Zaller, P.C., we want to help make your condominium life a little easier.

Our extensive and diverse background in condominium law positions us to handle any issues that might arise in the context of condominium living. Since 1980, we have been representing condominiums throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia, so there is very little that we haven’t seen. The condominium attorneys at Nagle & Zaller, P.C. can help your board members and property manager to transition from developer control to homeowner control, and to provide comprehensive and practical legal advice concerning construction defects, community governance, assessment collection, covenant and rule promulgation, adoption and enforcement, amendment of governing documents, architectural control, zoning and other related issues. Additionally, we are at your service to defend the condominium and the board members when necessary. Whether you want us to amend your documents, collect assessments, give advice about how to hold a meeting, resolve a dispute with a unit owner, or just be available to answer questions or review documents, Nagle & Zaller, P.C can help.

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