Business Organization and Corporate Procedure

Successful businesses come about through the advantageous merging of hundreds of different factors. What may have started with a simple idea, shared around the dinner table with friends, can grow to include ten, then a hundred, then thousands of employees. A business income that starts out barely able to cover operating expenses can someday grow to create a legacy that will last for generations. Business organization that was originally “I’m in charge” can morph into an organizational chart requiring several pages to display. Corporate procedure that was once as simple as gathering the whole company for a vote in the kitchen can eventually necessitate reports, memos, contracts, and a strict structure of voting rights. Handshake deals that used to be enough are replaced by written agreements covering everything from what you’ll do to what happens if you don’t.

As your company grows, you need expert advice to help you decide on the best organization for your particular company. You’ll need to know which corporate procedures have worked for others and how to modify them for your needs. You’ll need help making sure that your agreements, contracts, and warranties say everything you need them to say. We can help with that.

The attorneys at Nagle & Zaller, P.C. are experienced in handling all aspects of organizing a new business or restructuring an existing one. We know the importance of building and organizing a business in the right way for you and can help you form company by-laws, set up your corporate procedure, and even maximize the effectiveness of board meetings. We can draft operating agreements, stockholder agreements, subcontractor agreements, employment agreements, disclaimers, and warranties. We are also well suited to help you sell an operating business, or to assist you with your business related contract negotiations, arbitration, or litigation.

You’re working hard to build your business. We can help build it stronger.

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